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The Force is with you, young Luke Dickey, but you are not a full-grown rabbit yet

R.A. Dickey is a self-professed "Star Wars Nerd" -- he says so right in his Twitter profile. I don't think he's lying based on the fact that he owns pet rabbits named Vader and Amidala, who now have a month-old son named, naturally, Luke.

Rabbit litters usually produce more than one bunny, and as this family is replicating the Skywalker family tree as closely as possible, there is another. Dickey confirmed that Amidala also gave birth to a Leia, but "we had to separate them at birth. Vader was trying to hurt the little ones. just like the real thing."

Dickey has promised to tweet a picture, or possibly a droid-projected hologram, of Leia (along with Vader and Amidala) later.

-- Dan Wohl /



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