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You could win your very own Giants 2014 World Series ring and make all your friends jealous

The Giants are giving away a 2014 World Series ring

Daydreaming in the backyard, bottom of the ninth, Game 7 of the World Series. You stride to the plate and come through with the game-winning hit -- because of course you do -- as your teammates carry you off into immortality. We've all been there, and no, you're never too old for it.

Crowning yourself fake World Series champion is pretty great, but just imagine having an actual World Series ring to slip on after your trot around the imaginary bases. Now quit imagining it and hop online, because the San Francisco Giants would like to make your wildest dreams a reality: That's right, they're raffling off a 2014 World Series ring -- just like the one the big club got, with your name engraved and everything. 

Giants WS ring

The whole thing is for a good cause, too, as all proceeds will be going to the Giants Community Fund -- dedicated to enriching the lives of underserved youth -- and the Celebrities for Charity Foundation.

But be warned: The deadline for entry is midnight on Sunday. Tickets are just $2, and you need to buy at least five to enter. And to bring you that much closer to your childhood dreams, the winner will be flown out to San Francisco and awarded the prize during a ceremony at AT&T Park prior to the Aug. 28 matchup between the Giants and Cardinals. (Making that noise like the crowd is cheering for you is presumably optional, although you should probably keep that locked up.)

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