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The horrendous one-piece uniform that baseball almost had

Now that we've debated our favorite present-day uniforms, it's time to take things in another direction. Check out this early-80's prototype for a one-piece uniform by Mizuno, a Japanese sportswear company.


This "extremely stretchable" onesie was specifically conceived for pitchers, though that form-fitting silhouette would be less than ideal for the CC Sabathias, Bartolo Colóns and Carlos Zambranos of the world (counterpoint: Brian Wilson). No wonder it didn't take off.

Our favorite parts are the luge-suit zipper and the Batman-style utility belt. This is exactly what 1983 thought the future looked like.

Mizuno also introduced an electronic catcher's mitt, capable of remotely signaling the pitcher. Too bad it had a teensy weensy design flaw: its internal computer could be destroyed by a pitch.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

(h/t Reddit, Uni Watch)