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The Human Hashtag returns to Chase Field


Twitter hashtags are everywhere these days -- including bare chests of seven rather dedicated D-backs fans.
Dubbed “The Human Hashtag,” the idea was created during a fateful lunchtime discussion between Kyle Green and his brother-in-law.
“My brother-in-law said he wanted to paint his chest, and I remembered the D-backs were using the #BeatLA hashtag in their tweets,” Green said. “It seemed like a no-brainer.”
When they arrive at the ballpark, each of the seven paints one letter on their chest. All it takes is 15 minutes and some red model paint.
“As soon as we enter the ballpark, the chants aren’t far behind,” said Green. “It’s pretty cool.”

Not only are they winning over fans at the ballpark, their Twitter handle, @HumanHashtag has more than 250 followers.

-- Gabe Trujillo

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