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The K.C. and S.F. public libraries are fighting on Twitter, and it's delightful

K.C. and S.F. libraries engage in Twitter battle

The public library is one of America's great social institutions. In the age before the internet, the library represented the free exchange of information better than anything else -- you could check out almost any book and learn whatever you wanted.

You know what's another great American institution? Baseball. Unfortunately, it seems as though the Royals-Giants World Series has torn America's public libraries asunder:

Uh oh! That's some library tough talk coming at San Francisco from Kansas City. How could they possibly respond?

Ah, an appeal to history -- something you'd think a library would respect. And, well -- yes, they do:

That's a very reasonable rebuttal, and quite a polite one too. What does San Francisco have to say?

This might just be the most courteous Twitter fight in the history of the medium. I mean, that's probably to be expected from America's public libraries, but it's still a breath of fresh air. K.C. even took it one step further, wishing the Giants and their Game 1 starter some luck:

But, apparently, the San Francisco library had them right where they wanted them:

I guess the Twitter fight is back on. May the most well-read city win.

[h/t SBNation]


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