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The Kid has a new job: Griffey Jr. takes turn as professional photographer

Ken Griffey Jr. starts as professional photographer

It happens to everyone: At some point in life, it's time to stop being a kid (or The Kid) and pick a profession, even if that point comes after a likely Hall of Fame worthy career in MLB. Which is how we come to Ken Griffey Jr., professional photographer.

Griffey has been shooting football games from the sidelines for ESPN, covering high profile matchups like a Monday Night Football game between the Packers and Falcons and the Fiesta Bowl, which included an appearance by none other than Griffey's son.

We're pretty sure Griffey didn't speak to a career counselor when picking his new profession. Instead, he went back to the people who'd photographed him through the years.

In an interview with Think Tank Photo, Griffey told Deanne Fitzmaurice (who photographed Griffey herself during his playing days): "I have the privilege to know some of the best photographers in the business … because of my background. I can call upon these guys and ask them questions. Being around them, I see what they do and what they see."


It makes sense. How many times has Griffey been photographed in his life? A Getty search for Griffey returns 4,301 images. There are 1,474 photos of Griffey currently on Associated Press, at least three of which are photographs of him photographing something. Meta. Now Griffey is adding his own shots to the mix, and there probably won't be too many selfies -- professional, at least.

Will Griffey follow in fellow MLB retiree Randy Johnson's footsteps and snap some exotic animals next, or a nu-metal concert? We can only hope so. 

h/t r/baseball

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