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The Lehigh Valley IronPigs will offer fans a 'Urinal Gaming System' this season

This might be an inherently masculine quandary, but oftentimes men find themselves peeing without any real objective. 'What's the point?' he might ask himself, staring at the featureless concrete walls of a ballpark bathroom whilst relieving himself into a drab and perfectly ordinary urinal.

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs -- Triple-A affiliate of the Phillies -- will solve this particular dilemma by introducing the "Urinal Gaming System" for the 2013 season at Coca Cola Park. Now, at long last, men can use their waste products for something worthwhile: Competition.

The urinals will use "patented technology that detects both [a man's] presence and stream." You can see for yourself in this helpful video tutorial, but beware that it's kind of gross and thoroughly British. The urinals will feature a rotating slate of games throughout the season, including offerings like the alpine ski race shown in the demo video. ("To turn left … pee left").

Upon completion, the games provide a code for the participants to enter online and see how well they did amongst their peers.

-- Dakota Gardner /

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