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The Mets grounds crew came up with a pretty cool fix for an unusual game delay

Mets ground crew innovates to fix loose base

The Braves-Mets game was briefly interrupted on Tuesday night, and at first, no one was sure why. Eventually a collection of players and umps clustered around second base, gazing seriously at it.  

Since games generally tend to be delayed at the whims of nature (see: bee delay!), there were only two possible explanations: Either the base had become loose, and the grounds crew needed to fix it, or the base was full of spiders.

Don't laugh! Anything could be full of spiders at any moment, even other spiders.

This theory is reinforced by the equipment the grounds crew brought out to deal with the situation, including a hammer, essential to spider-fighting, and what the Mets booth referred to as a "sand claw," which sounds less like a tool and more like a cool new donut:


The booth also suggested the crew might be building a fire, which as we all know is another great way to deal with spiders:


Well, OK, I guess the base was just loose and the grounds crew jury-rigged an excellent fix to tighten it:


But that doesn't mean you should let down your guard. Watch out for the spiders. 

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