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The Orioles gave away Chinese-lettered shirseys on Thursday, and they're outstanding

MLB teams wearing jerseys with non-English wordmarks is a growing trend. In recent years we've seen teams translate themselves into Spanish, German and Italian, but none yet have rendered their name, on the field, in a non-Latin script.

The Orioles took a step toward that on Thursday when they produced, as part of a stadium giveaway, shirts reading "Orioles" in Mandarin Chinese. The name of Taiwanese starter Wei-Yin Chen was on the back, also in Hanzi characters.

The Rangers had a similar promotion with a Yu Darvish shirt (in Japanese Katakana) earlier this year, but what I'd really like to see is a team take the field for a game wearing a Chinese, Japanese or Korean-emblazoned uniform. Which team do you think would be the first?

-- Dan Wohl /

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