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The Phanatic tried to get Miguel Cabrera in trouble for stealing his ATV keys

Losing your keys might be one of the most frustrating experiences in the world, which might be what two-time AL MVP Miguel Cabrera had in mind when he decided to troll the Phanatic down at Spring Training on Sunday.

The Tigers and Phillies were squaring off in Clearwater, Fla., but things got real before the first pitch when Miggy swiped the keys to the Phanatic's iconic ATV.


The Phanatic requested help from an umpire and later tried to get help from a security guard. We're guessing the crime occurred outside of that guy's jurisdiction.


The gag lasted a solid 15 minutes before the panic-stricken Phanatic finally regained ownership of the keys by climbing on top of the visitor's dugout and retrieving them himself. All that was left to do was remember where he parked ...