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The Phillies see your Jayson Werth Chia Pet and raise you a Phanatic made of reindeer moss

If the live baseball action blowing up your newsfeeds wasn't enough foreshadowing, the Philadelphia Horticultural Society's Philadelphia Flower Show is here to announce that spring is about to bloom in full and give way to the boys of summer. 

And -- as if he hadn't already outdone himself by inspiring a sand sculpture masterpiece last summer -- the Phanatic was kind enough to act as muse for some horticultural art this time around. Basically, the Phillies see that Jayson Werth Chia Pet promotion and raise with this lifesize Phanatic plant:


That's one proud Mama Phanatic. Her son's likeness was created with reindeer moss, mostly, though other mosses went into the production as well (and some black beans for his eyes).

PHS and the Phillies go way back and work cooperatively on a number of green initiatives, including a program that sees PHS volunteers planting trees to represent each home run belted by the Phillies.