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Prophecy fulfilled: The Rangers call up the homer legend, Joey Gallo

Do you like power? Do you find yourself watching YouTube videos of rocket explosions? Do you catch yourself salivating on the engine blocks at muscle car shows? Pepare for all of those things to look as boring and powerless as that 1992 computer you have hidden in the back of your closet because Joey Gallo is coming to the Majors. 

With Adrian Beltre and his tempermental scalp on the DL, the Rangers called up Gallo, the team's top prospect. The young third baseman is no mere prospect, though, for he possesses the kind of home run-hitting power that would make Darth Vader quake in his Doc Martens. Even the opening description on MLB Pipeline might undersell him

No Minor Leaguer -- and perhaps no Major Leaguer -- has more raw power than Gallo. He set a Nevada high school record with 65 career homers (the sixth-highest total in U.S. prep history), broke into pro ball in 2012 by establishing a Rookie-level Arizona League mark with 18 long balls in just 43 games, led the Minors with 40 blasts in 2013 and ranked second last year with 42. 

Gallo has already hit 9 home runs in only 34 Double-A games this season -- good for a 43 home run pace in a 162-game schedule -- while hitting a robust .314/.425/.636. But sure, numbers are one thing, but what does his power look like. I'm glad you asked: 

He hit the game-winning two-run shot at last year's Futures Game: 


This coming after he broke a car window during batting practice before the game:


The ballpark couldn't contain him in his debut at Double-A, giving his team the walk-off victory along the way: 

His first homer of the 2015 season was an opposite-field flick which looked like a soft pop-out off the bat, but the ball told gravity "Nah, dawg. I'm good." 

And his most recent jack left the stadium and landed in the wooded forest:


Even when he doesn't have enough power to get it over the wall, he still manages to hit towering invisi-balls that are hidden to the naked eye: 

While Gallo also strikes out in bunches, K-ing 228 times since the start of last season, he's not simply a pull-first power hitter. Many of those dingbombs were opposite-field drives that are difficult for even seasoned Major League veterans to pull off. 

Then again, Gallo is no mere prospect. He is like Thanos, clutching the power gem in his batting glove/gauntlets. He destroys a baseball's very essence on his drives and leaves pitchers questioning if they should go back to school for a degree in sociology or dental hygiene. 

So, power fans, get ready for Tuesday night when Gallo will likely make his debut against the White Sox. And look not to the bleachers or grandstands for where Gallo's mighty blasts may land, but look up to the night sky. For, as the legend says, every time he hits a baseball over the fence, a new star is born.