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The Rock and Giancarlo Stanton hang out on the set of HBO's 'Ballers'

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One of them is a giant, hulking man with rippling muscles and a smile that lights up the room. The other is the Rock.

While filming for the upcoming HBO series "Ballers," which follows the life of NFL players, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted a photo with Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Though we don't know the plot of the episode, our guess is that it will likely involve one of these scenarios: 

- During a celebrity home run derby between the Rock and Stanton, they're informed that there is a bomb in the Miami harbor. The only hope? That the two can blast enough balls out of the stadium and into the water to diffuse it. Naturally, they do. 

- Stanton decides that he wants to become the next two-sport star and so he joins the NFL. After scoring three touchdowns and breaking 77 tackles in his first game, he's ruled ineligible because he's too good. 

- In a "Freaky Friday" situation, the Rock and Stanton wake up and discover that they inhabit the other's body. Will they be able to fake it until they can reverse the magic spell? 

- Following another great set of wins in their respective sports, Stanton and the Rock quickly change out of their uniforms and into their alter-egos of Mr. Granite and Deep Fly. Will they be able to stop the nefarious Dr. NoFun before he releases his Bore-ium Gas? (Spoiler alert: Yes.) 

- "The People's Champ" challenges Giancarlo Stanton to a chili cook-off. Winking to the audience, he asks Stanton if he can "smell what the Rock is cooking?" Stanton answers, "Yes. Chili." 

If it turns out that none of those are what the episode is about, well, I think they would still make for a great TV movie. I've already got the scripts written, so for any producers out there, give me a ring.