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The Round Rock Express unveil six new jerseys including ugly 'Christmas in July' sweaters

The Round Rock Express, the Triple-A affiliate of the Rangers, know that there's nothing wrong with spicing up your wardrobe a little. So on Thursday, the team unveiled six of the seven themed jerseys that it'll be wearing. With each uniform helping raise money for a charitable cause, it's a good idea, too. 

In addition to the amazing Christmas in July ugly sweaters (sadly not made out of acrylic and wool) and their "Weekend at Bernies"-cosplay ready "Beach Night" top: 

The team also has a number of jerseys devoted to specific causes. They'll be wearing purple jerseys to support the March of Dimes, pinstriped tops with Gehrig on the back to join the fight against ALS, pink ones to support breast cancer victims and survivors and jerseys for Military Appreciation day. For that one, the first 200 families to fill out this form will have their loved one's name printed on the uniform.

Finally, the only one we haven't seen yet is the always popular Star Wars jersey. Personally I'm crossing my fingers for ewok jerseys.