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The story of a man and the sandwich he inspired at Turner Field

How do you instill the essence of a man into a sandwich?

You start with the bread. It's country white, buttered and grilled, for a man who was born in Jacksonville and never strayed too far from his Southern roots.

Next comes the meat. Bold, rich braised short ribs layer flavor upon flavor for a man who never stopped finding new ways to impress.

Then onto the cheese. Creamy brie and robust cheddar play a sophisticated duet for a man equally dangerous from either side of the plate.

And the fixins'. Spinach adds color and apple butter brings an extra hint of sweet for a man who led a team and inspired a community for nearly two decades.

Now this gratuitous indulgence of a meal just needs a name. Chipper Jones' catchphrase is "Yicketty." His sandwich is the Yicketty Yamwich.

-- Ian Kay /

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