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There are now bacon-scented pillowcases, and MLB Network's Hot Stove is on it

MLB Network talks bacon-scented pillowcases

They say that learning never stops -- even once your formal education ends, you should be open to learning new things. Life, to those folks, is an eternal quest for knowledge, and in this spirit, please enjoy this new piece of important, life-altering information:

There's such a thing as bacon-scented pillowcases:


If the folks on MLB Network's Hot Stove are any indication, it seems the world can be reduced to two types of people (isn't that always how it works?) -- those who think this idea is genius, and those who decidedly do not.

Matt Vasgersian would appear to be in the latter camp, saying, "[I would] wake up in a pool of my own vomit if I'm smelling bacon all night." A hot take, to be certain.

Correspondent Lauren Shehadi disagreed emphatically and wound up earning a DIY bacon pillow courtesy of the MLB Network cafe:


What do you think? Are bacon-scented pillowcases the best idea since, well, bacon? Or should sleep time be kept separate from bacon time?