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There are people playing baseball while riding donkeys in New Mexico

Think baseball is hard? Now try fielding grounders while riding a donkey.

New Mexico's Alamogordo Optimist Club sponsored a charity donkey baseball game this past weekend with every player besides the pitcher and batter riding an animal companion. It's possible the hitter also jumps on a donkey en route to first base, but the rules are somewhat unclear.

Here are some more details from

"The audience sounded as though they enjoyed the game as they cheered and laughed at players trying to ride stubborn donkeys while playing baseball at the same time ... The game ended with a tie score of 6-6."

 The players also had a good time:

"Though the players were being tossed from the backs of the stubborn donkeys many still had broad smiles on their faces after landing in the dirt."

Donkey baseball, a tradition unlike any other.