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This fan was wearing a Roy Halladay shirsey and didn't notice Halladay standing right behind him

A key lesson in obliviousness from Roy Halladay

The world is a chaotic place. There are billions of human beings going about their separate lives, with their own perspectives and perceptions, all at the center of their own individual universes. Obliviousness is all too easy to fall into.

And so we have to forgive someone if they were, say, wearing a Roy Halladay shirsey and completely unaware of the fact that Roy Halladay was standing in their immediate vicinity:

It's slightly less excusable to be so oblivious that Halladay had the time to pose for a picture standing about as close to another person as one can without it being weird. But still -- what are the odds that the very human whom your t-shirt honors will be standing in front of the same amusement park ride as you on the very same day at precisely the same time?

Conversely, put yourself in Halladay's shoes: To be so famous that strangers wear your jersey (or t-shirt versions of your jersey), but to go unrecognized in public. 

Life is a beautiful, absurd mystery. Just let this serve as a reminder to be ever vigilant when identifying former Cy Young Award winners who may stray across your path, particularly if you're wearing their name on your back.

Or, in the famous words of one of the great philosophers of our time:

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