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This guy loves two things: America, and the Yankees

Lennie Love used to work at the old Yankee Stadium. Today, with the new stadium in service, Lennie comes to the park every day to boast his love for America and the New York Yankees.  

Hailing from the Bronx, Lennie began this tradition back in 1977 when the Yankees won the World Series. During the Yanks' ticker-tape parade, Lennie walked down the Canyon of Heroes in NYC as part of the parade alongside war veterans. He still shows his love for veterans, dedicating what he does today to all the brave soldiers lost in war. 

Lennie is also a popular photo op for fans when entering Yankee Stadium. "They (Yanks fans) want to take pictures left and right," he said. "They love me!"

-- Matt Latimer / Real-Time Correspondent