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This is what a 14-hour plane ride with MLB All-Stars looks like

Hello, Japan! 14-hour plane ride with MLB All-Stars.

As far as away games goes, it doesn't get more intense than a series in a different hemisphere. On Saturday afternoon, the MLB All-Stars boarded a plane in Los Angeles. More than 14 hours and 5,300 miles later, they were in Osaka, Japan to prepare for a Tuesday exhibition and subsequent five-game series against the Japan National Team.

Anyone who's seen Bull Durham can attest to the potential fun and volatility of team travel, but 14 hours is a different beast entirely. Recycled air. Lack of leg room. Plus, you can only hold it for so long. Luckily for everyone involved, the group of guys selected to make the trek know how to make the best of their down time.

Before the trip even began, Royals starter Jeremy Guthrie and his family set in for the long haul by building a fort by draping blankets over a few rows of seats. No official word on who told the best ghost story.


Rays utility man Ben Zobrist just seemed happy to be able to make the 14-hour trip sans costume (his former manager Joe Maddon used to theme the team's road trips).