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This life-sized Yasiel Puig bobblehead at Dodgers Spring Training is pure nightmare fuel

Life-sized Yasiel Puig bobblehead is nightmare fuel

If this blog post were a movie it'd be titled Life-Sized Bobblehead Nightmare Fuel 2: The Reckoning and it would star Yasiel Puig.

Last June, two life-sized bobbleheads infiltrated Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia to commemorate Chase Utley Bobblehead Night and America didn't sleep for months.


Bobblehead closer

Bobblehead closest


Now -- mere days into the 2015 season -- one of these monstrosities popped up at Dodgers Spring Training at Camelback Ranch-Glendale, Ariz. On Sunday, cameras spotted a fan wearing a massive Yasiel Puig mask as the Dodgers hosted the Brewers:


This means that our greatest fears have been confirmed: THEY'RE MULTIPLYING! We need to get the Ghostbusters or Uncle Jesse's dad's exterminator company on the horn before they rise up and take us all.

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