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This super-fan was cheering for Ichiro before it was cool

If you can't tell by looking at him (in which case, you probably need an eye exam), Yutaro Mukumoto is Ichiro Suzuki's biggest fan.

For most fans, wearing their favorite player's jersey is enough, but Mukumoto comes to the ballpark decked out in the full uniform of Ichiro's former team in Japan, the Orix Blue Wave. That's dedication.

Mukumoto, a native of Osaka, grew up a fan of the Blue Wave (now the Orix Buffaloes), where Ichiro played for nine seasons and racked up 1,278 hits and seven Gold Gloves.

He's certainly not the first Ichiro cosplayer we've seen, and we're pretty sure he's NOT this guy who was ejected from Safeco Field two years ago for interfering with a ball in play.

When he's not masquerading as the Yankees' outfielder, Mukumoto works as a sushi chef in Tustin, Calif.. Could you imagine his reaction if Ichiro ever came in for a tempura roll?

-- Phil George / Real-Time Correspondent