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This Tigers fan hasn't shaved since Opening Day, says he won't until they win the World Series

Tigers fan isn't shaving until they win the World Series

You might recognize Jim Nelle as the Tigers fan who subtly supports his team by donning a suit of black and orange stripes (he's got three on rotation) at games around America. He's taken in Tigers contests in every AL city except Baltimore and Toronto. Nelle even met Kate Upton when the Tigers were playing in San Diego. 

He lives in Winterset, Iowa, and has taken his fandom to a new level for the 2014 season, refusing to shave until the Tigers win a World Series. We caught up with Nelle at Comerica Park where he was sporting his usual, totally reasonable attire and showing off that wonderful facial hair.

This is some serious dedication, but we're always pro-facial hair over here at Cut4. Especially because there's surely a statistical correlation between beard length and Wins Above Replacement.

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