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This Tigers fan is excited about the Triple Crown -- Ty Cobb's 1909 version, that is

His name is Michael, but you can call him Ty.

In 1984, this Tigers fan discovered a hat similar to the one Ty Cobb wore during the 1909 season. For more than 29 years, he's searched the internet, yard sales and antique stores to create his vintage-inspired Tigers uniform. The knickers were the hardest item to track down.

Detroit won the AL pennant in 1909 before losing to the Pirates in a seven-game World Series. The season was on of Cobb's finest, as he won the Triple Crown.

With the recent celebration of Miguel Cabrera's 2012 Triple Crown season, Michael is doing his best to keep the legacy of Cobb's feat at Comerica Park.  

-- Kelsey Buckstaff / Real-Time Correspondent