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Those are some evil clown eyes, bro

As the man himself might say, Bryce Harper had some clown eyes on Wednesday -- if the clown in question is Pennywise from Stephen King's It, that is.

The Nats outfielder had a creepy new look during Game 3 of the NLDS as his irises appeared to be replaced by solid red circles. But no, Harper isn't emulating Hannibal Lecter or even Bella Swan: He was just showing off another example of his rather elaborate repertoire of sun glare prevention techniques.

As explained by Sports Illustrated, these frightful contact lenses have been around for at least seven years and are supposed to cut down glare like sunglasses and reduce blue light too. According to former Red Sox reliever Mike Timlin, they're known as "devil eyes."

And as an added bonus, they look great for Halloween. I imagine Harper wouldn't mind the chance to wear them in a game then, since that's when Game 6 of the World Series is scheduled to take place.

-- Dan Wohl / 

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