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To solve the case of Mark Reynolds vs. Outfield Wall, Busch Stadium became a crime scene

STL recreates Reynolds catch with crime scene outline

In the middle of Sunday's game against the Brewers, Cardinals left fielder Mark Reynolds tracked a deep fly ball back to the warning track. He appeared to have a beat on it, and all seemed to be well. 

Then, um, this happened: 

Reynolds outline

After making sure Reynolds was okay first, the Cardinals took it upon themselves to launch an investigation into this vicious assault, so that America might live free of the violent tyranny of outfield walls everywhere. On tonight's episode of CSI: St. Louis:

Reynolds outline

And here's amateur slueth Jason Heyward, making delicate adjustments at the scene:

Heyward Reynolds photo

For the record, Reynolds not only managed to hang onto the ball and stay in the game, but the catch came after he had already hit a home run earlier in the afternoon. Props for accuracy, but still, you'd think his teammates could've at least spared him the blonde wig. 


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