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Here's Todd Frazier's leadoff home run ... from the 1998 Little League World Series

Quick flashback to 1998: You're sitting in your living room drawing with a gel pen in your Hello Kitty notebook. You pause the Spice Girls song you're listening to on your portable CD player and look up at the TV for a moment. You switch over from that episode of Hey Arnold! and land on the Little League World Series, just in time to see a leadoff home run, hit by some kid the same size as you, 5-foot-2 and barely over 100 pounds, named Todd Frazier:

Frazier, who played for Toms River, N.J., led his team to a 12-9 victory over Kashima, Ibaraki, Japan, and even got to visit Yankee Stadium and meet Derek Jeter, in celebration:

In 2007, he was drafted by the Reds. This year, Frazier will make his first All-Star Game appearance. He's currently batting .293/.356/.499 and leading Cincinnati with 17 home runs.

You, however, are still 5'2" and (secretly) listening to the Spice Girls.