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After five years and 94 losses, Tokyo University finally wins a game

Frustrated with how your favorite Major League, Minor League, college or even Little League team is doing this season? Just be happy you're not a fan of Tokyo University. The school, known more commonly as Todai, went a span of 94 games without a victory. That's five years, or assuming an average game length of 2 1/2 hours, roughly 10 full days spent playing losing baseball. 

However, the school, which suffers as it's a national school and doesn't give out scholarships, ended that streak when it defeated Hosei University, 6-4, earlier this week. Even then, it wasn't an easy victory; Todai needed to go 10 innings before Kusuda Sogaiya's infield hit brought in the go-ahead run. It's the first victory for the college since a 4-2 victory over Waseda in 2010 -- a victory that ended a 35-game losing streak. 

While the losing streak was long, you have to imagine the post-game party was probably nearly enough to make up for it. It also makes the Div. III Emerson College (and my alma mater's) 36-game losing streak, snapped earlier this year, look downright quaint. 

As for the longest modern Major League losing streak, that belongs to the Philadelphia Phillies. They lost 23 in a row in 1961, en route to a 47-107 record. There's one name on that team that may look similar to current Phillies fans: shortstop Ruben Amaro Sr., the father of current Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr.