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Tom Verducci is correct, the NLCS is EXACTLY like a Charles Dickens novel

With Game 2 of the NLCS barely underway, broadcaster Tom Verducci came in with a weather hot take, suggesting that the fog hanging over St. Louis had turned Busch Stadium into the setting of a Dickens novel.

As heavy and scholarly as the comparison might have been, we couldn't help but gawk at the obvious similarities between the classic Victorian literature from the great mind of Dickens and the drama playing out between the Giants and Cardinals ...

... so much so that we have started to believe that the NLCS is actually a previously unpublished Dickens classic.

The evidence:

8. Verducci wasn't wrong about the weather. Sunday in St. Louis was awfully Dickensian: the rain came and went throughout the evening, with temperatures dipping into the 50s by last out. It's reminiscent of the fog in Bleak House and the mist in Great Expectations.

7. A Tale of Two Cities is essentially about the possibility of resurrection and the necessity of sacrifice. Down 0-1 in the series, the Cardinals trailed by a run heading into the bottom of the seventh only to come back and win in dramatic fashion. That's your resurrection. Your sacrifice? A Yadier Molina (really) bunt with two on and no outs in the top of the fourth that led to a run for the Cards.


6. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you Tiny Tim Lincecum:


5. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ..." seems like a pretty poignant way to describe the thrill of tying Game 2 on a wild pitch in the ninth just to lose it on a walk-off home run minutes later.

4. Commentary on classism was common throughout much of Dickens' work. Nothing exemplifies the "Haves vs. Have-Nots" struggle than the fact that it will be the Giants or Cardinals coming out of the NL for the fifth straight year while Pirates and Nationals fans toil for another year without a championship.

3. There's no way that Randal Grichuk, Trevor Rosenthal, Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey aren't whimsical names from a Dickens novel lost to time.

2. In Great Expectations, Miss Havisham's Satis House is attached to a brewery. Busch Stadium has the Budweiser Brew House.

1. Every baseball fan at the end of pretty much every postseason game this year: