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Tommy Hunter shows off surprising retail skills while working at Orioles team store

Hunter shows off retail skills at Orioles team store

Should this whole pitching thing not work out (though a 2.88 ERA over the last two years suggests he's doing just fine), at least Tommy Hunter knows he'll always have a retail career to fall back on. 

Dressed in a black polo shirt and khakis, looking every bit the part of a retail clerk, Hunter helped cover a shift in the Orioles team store during the busiest shopping weekend of the year. As people came in, looking for a Chris Davis or Manny Machado jersey, the pitcher helpfully steered them towards the large selection of Hunter jerseys that had just come in. Even after pointing out that he owned a number of the jerseys, few caught on to the ruse. 

It makes sense though. I can't recognize my own girlfriend if she is wearing sunglasses, so not recognizing a baseball player out of uniform isn't all that strange. 

This also isn't the first time that Hunter has decided to play some pranks. While in Japan for the All-Star series, Hunter went around seeing if he could touch unsuspecting strangers with his nose

So be warned, Hunter fans: If you happen to come across the pitcher in public, there will probably be cameras nearby. 

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