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Tommy Lasorda drops puck at Blue Jackets-Kings game, declines to shake hands with Jack Johnson

The LA Kings held a Dodgers Pride Night during Thursday's game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Players wore special Dodger-themed warmups that were later auctioned off by the Kings Care Foundation:


But that wasn't even close to being the highlight of the night (or our lives). Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda dropped the pregame ceremonial first puck and, after shaking hands with Kings captain Dustin Brown, totally ignored former L.A. defenseman Jack Johnson. No "hello," not even a glance in his direction. And when Johnson reached out for a handshake, Lasorda just turned his back.

OK, so maybe the 85-year-old icon just forgot to extend the same courtesy to the opposing side? Nope. Not true at all. According to the below interview with rinkside reporter Patrick O'Neal, "You do not talk to the opposition." The Kings won 2-1.

-- Matt Monagan /

h/t Puck Daddy

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