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Buster Bluth of 'Arrested Development' threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers game

Actor Tony Hale throws out first pitch for Dodgers

Through the years, there have been some remarkably bad first pitches, from those that endangered cameramen to those that endangered innocent blades of grass. So, sure, actor Tony Hale -- famous for his roles as Buster Bluth in "Arrested Development" and personal assistant Gary Walsh in "Veep" -- didn't make the most aesthetically pleasing throw home before Tuesday's D-backs-Dodgers game, but we're grading on a curve here, and considering that A) it actually reached home plate B) no one was harmed in the making of this pitch and C) this is what he was working with ...


Throwin' out the first pitch tnite! What's a pitch? @dodgers

A photo posted by Tony Hale (@mrtonyhale) on


... we'll give him a passing grade: 

Hale first pitch

The double-clutch windup is, uh, questionable, but there's definite potential for improvement. And hey, sometimes, just taking the mound is a victory unto itself. 


Huzzah!! Suck it middle school bullies! @dodgers

A photo posted by Tony Hale (@mrtonyhale) on


Besides, if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that no one is harder on Buster Bluth than Buster Bluth. 


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