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Tony Zych just made his MLB debut and he's already broken a 105-year-old record

Tony Zych broke 105-year-old record in MLB debut

During Friday night's Mariners-A's game, Seattle prospect Tony Zych shattered a 105-year-old MLB record and all he had to do was show up. After he threw his first pitch, the righty reliever (who was part of the Mariners' first round of September callups) became the last MLB player listed alphabetically. 


Yes, we assume the Mariners acquired Zych from the Cubs in April for the 2.98 ERA he posted over 40 Minor League games, but also so that he could take the coveted "last in the MLB phone book" title. Before Zych, there was Dutch Zwilling, and he made his MLB debut in 1910.

Obviously the Mariners are just attempting to dominate the entire alphabet, because from 2009-10, they employed David Aardsma, who took the "first in the MLB phone book" slot from Hank Aaron. Aaron himself himself took it from Brooklyn Atlantics first baseman John Abadie, who made his debut in 1875.

So, future ballplayers of the world -- it's time to start adding a few letters to the beginnings of your last names if you're really serious about breaking MLB records. 

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