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Torii Hunter brings back the '90s, re-joins Twins team that drafted him in '93

Torii Hunter brings back the '90s by re-joining Twins

Fire up that P. Diddy song that every TV show in America has played and bust out the yearbooks because Torii Hunter is coming home to Minnesota. 

As reported by's Rhett Bollinger, though not confirmed by the club, Hunter will be returning on a one-year contract to the team that first drafted him in 1993 and where he played 11 Major League seasons. Now we'll just have to see if his return brings back other '90s hits like "All That" and Ace of Base."

During his first stint with the Twins, Hunter went to two All-Star games, won seven Gold Gloves and helped lead the Twins to four playoff appearances.

But those are just words. And words are cold, unfeeling, unmoving marks written in stone. They don't lean back and pound a ball over the wall like Hunter did for his first Major League home run: 

They don't glide gracefully across the field before leaping high to bring back a dinger from another world: 

And they certainly don't get lifted atop someone's shoulders at the All-Star game: 

Turns out, Twins fans aren't the only ones excited about Hunter's return. His son, a Notre Dame wide receiver, tweeted a hand clapping emoji upon hearing the noise. And as we all know, the hand clapping emoji is to be used only in the most celebratory of situations. 

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