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Torii Hunter muscles up, proves that veterans can bat flip with the best of them

Torii Hunter busts out vicious bat flip after key HR

For the most part, the bat flip is a young man's game. It's basically an expression of youthful exuberance, after all -- I just did something really, really cool, and here's exactly how I feel about it. 

Soon-to-be-40 elder statesman Torii Hunter -- himself never one to hide his youthful exuberance -- has seen all these whippersnappers try their best to toss some lumber, and has decided to dispense some wisdom upon the youth of America with all the righteous rage of a man who just wants the kids to get off of his lawn:

Torii bat flip

The 19-year vet didn't hold back, either. This is the Platonic ideal of the bat flip. It's full Hulk Mode, a dude who's just completely pulverized a baseball and -- after some careful consideration -- no longer has any use for this puny piece of wood before him. 

As of publication, the bat was considered day-to-day with a bruised spirit. 

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