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Trevor Bauer wore boxing gloves in the dugout for the Indians-Royals game

Bauer wears boxing gloves in dugout vs. Royals

The Indians were hosting the Royals at Progressive Field on Monday when starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, who has been straight filthy for the Tribe to start 2015, appeared in the dugout wearing a pair of boxing gloves.


Now, it should be noted that Bauer might just be, like, really jazzed about the upcoming Mayweather-Pacquiao fight slated to F I N A L L Y happen on May 2, but there's also a possibility making light of the fact that the Royals have had a full dance card in the early goings this season.

If you'll recall, tensions heated up between the Royals and Angels when Yordano Ventura lingered around home plate long enough to share some choice words with reigning AL MVP Mike Trout. Later, a hard slide from Brett Lawrie caused the jumpoff between the A's and Royals with Ventura again at the center of it. Most recently, the dugouts emptied between the Royals and White Sox when Ventura and Adam Eaton shared words last week.

Here's to hoping that Bauer turns out to be incredibly overdressed for Monday's game.

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