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Truck Day is here, which means it's time to get excited for Spring Training

The worst thing about most holidays is that they only come once a year. Why is there only one Christmas? It's very disappointing. But there's one holiday that won't let you down. That's right; Truck Day has come once more. Just in case the winter's getting to you, here's another reminder that warmer days are on their way.  

Last week, we saw the White Sox, the Athletics, the Rockies and the Indians load up for Spring Training, but they aren't the only ones packing up their gear for the journey south.

Want to know what the clubs are sending down to Florida and Arizona? The Rays will break it down for you: 

All told, it looks a little like this:  

The Phillies don't travel light either:

The Tigers have a quite a process as well:

And for the Red Sox, Truck Day is sheer poetry

Hank won't be coming with the Brewers this year, but he's sending plenty of love: 

The Mets know that the couple that moves together, stays together:

But from Seattle to Detroit, everyone's pitching in:




The Friar has an interesting way of loading the truck. On to Peoria! #PadresST

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