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Twins draft pick Trey Cabbage broke a rim dunking in a high school basketball game

Twins draft HS kid who broke rim with monster dunk

MLB Draft prospect Trey Cabbage has an awesome name. Some might even call it delicious. Cabbage didn't crack our list of the best names in the First-Year Player Draft (with the likes of Kale Breaux and Bryce Only), but we're guessing he was too busy dunking all over everybody to notice.

The third baseman out of Grainger High School is also a star on the hardwood, where he broke a rim with a follow-up dunk earlier this year.

Either the Tennessee Volunteers are gonna get themselves an infielder/power forward hybrid (Cabbage has committed to the University of Tennessee) or the Twins just drafted Bo Jackson 2.0. We hope to see this kid playing professional baseball soon, but we can't help but need to see more of his dunks. Anyone want to start a BASEketball league?


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