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Eddie Guardado gets pranked by Twins player hiding in his clothing

Guardado gets pranked by Twins hiding in his locker

When Eddie Guardado was closing games for the Twins in the early-2000s, he was known for his unflappable nature. On Monday night, when Glen Perkins and his teammates pranked him, he was extremely flapped. 

While Guardado's reaction is great, I think what's most impressive is both a) just how many hiding places there are in a Major League clubhouse and b) how effectively a tall, strapping Major League player can hide inside a locker. 

Turns out, Guardado isn't the first person to be pranked in this fashion-forward way. Originally conceived by Brian Duensing (who was also the culprit hiding within Guardado's clothing), the Twins have been pulling this one over the last few weeks with neither coaches nor players safe.

If they're still looking for a name for the move, may I suggest "The Blue and Red Recluse?" 

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