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Twins rookie pitcher Trevor May has an alter ego named DJ Heybeef

Twins rookie Trevor May also goes by 'DJ Heybeef'

Trevor May is a professional baseball prospect. Drafted by the Phillies in the fourth round of the 2008 draft straight out of high school in Washington state, May joined the Twins organization as a part of the trade that brought Ben Revere to Philly in 2012.

With Twins pitcher Ricky Nolasco headed to the DL, May, now 25, is getting his first big-league call up where he'll join the back end of the club's rotation.

Did we mention that May is a DJ? Because May is a DJ.

Back when he was with the Phillies Double-A affiliate in Reading, Pa., May's talent on the turntable became a part of local baseball lore. The footage shown above is from an actual event on the Weston Center Winning Smiles Stage as a part of the team's post-game concert series in 2012.

Back in '12, Philadelphia Daily News reporter Zach Berman spoke with May at length about his musical pursuits:

May does not like to constrain music into genres, but said his favorite type of music is progressive house and dubstep - a slower, computer-generated bass music. "The Beatles are to Metallica as house is to dubstep," May said.

Get ready to drop the bass, Twins fans.

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