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Ump takes a ground ball to the chest, declares it foul without flinching

Ump hit by ground ball, makes foul call anyway

Say you're at work, sitting at your desk and just minding your own business, when -- look out! A baseball is bouncing directly toward you at high speed!

Do you:

A) Get plunked and fall out of your chair?

B) Begin weeping and calling loved ones to say goodbye?

C) Assume the fetal position


D) Stand up, take it off the chest and immediately resume your work?

If you answered anything but D, we have some good news and some bad news. Good news: You're a human being with rational responses to danger! Bad news: You're probably not cut out to be an umpire as first base arbiter Toby Basner illustrated at Saturday's Rays-Indians game:

Ump plunk

Any considerations beyond "Is this going to hit me in the face?" are immediately disregarded in the name of getting the call right (which, for the record, it appears our intrepid hero did). Petition to broadcast the Games of the first Umpiring Olympiad in 2016, with such events as "Chest of Steel."