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Umpire defeats all-seeing, all-knowing eyeball balloon of doom during NLDS Game 4

Umpire defeats all-seeing eyeball balloon of doom

While October means postseason baseball, it also signals the convergence of the world of the living with the land of the dead as we head towards Halloween. 

The first signs of the undead crossing over appeared in St. Louis on Tuesday night as the Dodgers faced the Cardinals in Game 4 of the NLDS. After a hole to the netherworld opened up, a terrifying malevolent eyeball hellbent on destruction spun across the field, making a beeline for first-base umpire Jerry Layne. Viewers looked on in horror, unable to tear themselves away from the gruesome sight. 

Fortunately, Layne is a man without fear. He scooped up this nefarious creature and crushed it with his bare hands, probably while reciting some ancient incantation. 


So thank you, brave umpire and protector of our realm. Thank you. 

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