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UPDATE: Royals superfan SungWoo Lee will be back in Kansas City for Game 1 of the World Series

UPDATE: You did it! SungWoo Lee is returning to KC

UPDATE 10/17/14: You did it! 

Just like the kids who brought Tinkerbell back by clapping, you did it. You hashtagged hard enough to bring SungWoo back to Kansas City for Game 1 of the World Series:  

Remember Royals superfan SungWoo Lee? Of course you do. He's the one who taught you what real happiness looks like:


Lee, who is from Seoul, South Korea, has been a Royals fan since 1995, but he made his first trip to Kansas City this year. Any team would want a fan as enthusiastic as Lee, but it helps that he might also have some kind of mystical sway over the team. In the 10 days he spent in the city, his team went 9-1. He even predicted how the Royals would perform in the postseason:


When they were down 7-3 in the AL Wild Card Game, Lee stayed relentlessly positive, even though the time difference meant he was watching at 9 a.m. on a workday. When they made their astonishing comeback, Lee told's Alex Robinson that he had a realization:

"After the Royals made that still unbelievable comeback victory in the Wild Card, now I believe I may have that kind of 'magic' in me, indeed."

Now, Kansas City filmmaker Josh Swade has made it his personal mission to get SungWoo Lee back for the Fall Classic. Swade has flown to South Korea and will track Lee's progress to the K with the help of a documentary film crew.

According to a press release, Swade and SungWoo are lobbying to bring SungWoo back to the States for the World Series. 

"Would the Royals be in the Series if SungWoo hadn't visited this summer?" says Swade. "We cannot scientifically prove otherwise. Therefore, every Royals fan - whether you're die-hard or bandwagon - must join together in this fateful moment to bring back SungWoo for the Fall Classic. Let us raise every voice and sing."

You can help SungWoo's cause by using the hashtag, #BringBackSungWoo starting at 7 p.m. ET to help Swade and SungWoo convince SungWoo's boss and his boss' boss to allow him to take the time off from work to make the trip.

Watch SungWoo throw out the first pitch at Kauffman Stadium back in August:

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