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Update: The oldest known baseball card, found at a yard sale, has sold for $92,000

Finds like this are what antique hunters dream about. An unnamed man was at a yard sale in tiny Baileyville, Maine, and walked away with an old photo album. His total purchase that day cost two digits, but what he found inside could easily be worth six.

That would be the oldest dated baseball card known to exist: an image of the amateur Brooklyn Atlantics from 1865, four years before the first professional team and the official founding date of MLB. Only one other copy of the card is known to exist, at the Library of Congress.

It's now being put up for auction by Biddeford, Maine's Saco River Auction Company and is expected the card to sell for at least $100,000. As impressive as that would be, it would still fall far short of prices fetched by the most valuable card in existence -- the T206 Honus Wagner, one of which sold for $2.8 million in 2007.

Update: The card was sold for $92,000 at the Saco River Auction Company on Wednesday night.

-- Dan Wohl /

h/t AP's The Big Story