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VCU's CF makes amazing catch, receives even better hug, to win Atlantic 10 championship

VCU's CF makes amazing catch to win A-10 championship

Up 5-3 in the top of the ninth inning, VCU was just looking to close off its victory in the Atlantic 10 championship. Only problem: Rhode Island wasn't interested in making it easy. With only one out to go, Rhode Island's Chris Hess hit a liner to the left-center gap that was surely going to land for extra bases. 

Only problem: VCU's freshman center fielder Logan Farrar was in the same zip code as the ball and came sprinting into the frame. With a full, Michael-Jordan-in-Space-Jam-like extension, he was able to make the grab. 

But while the catch was great, arguably the celebratory hugging was even better. Just look at the embrace from left fielder James Bunn -- that's a romantic-comedy-quality embrace.

After all, catches are nice, but interpersonal relations are even more important.