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Victor Martinez won't give you the satisfaction of tagging him out at home

While trying to score from second on a Jhonny Peralta single, Victor Martinez got thrown out by a mile on a perfect ball from Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur. V-Mart wasn't sticking around to get tagged out, and his departure from the field is priceless.

It's even better in GIF form: 


I love everything about this. I love the throw. I love V-Mart just ... leaving. The fact that the score increases as he exits the diamond is brutal irony.

I love the umpire watching him run away. I love Prince Fielder's helpless body language as he watches the whole scene unfold.

I love Salvador Perez's look of utter disappointment. His quick head turn toward the umpire at the end is the best part -- the cherry on top of a great GIF.

-- Dakota Gardner /

(h/t to Matt Snyder at Eye on Baseball)