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Two ABL teams had a post-anthem standoff that lasted into the third inning

ABL teams' post-anthem standoff lasts into 3rd inning

What's the longest standoff you can remember in MLB? The Scott Van Slyke vs. Joe Kelly standoff at the beginning of Game 6 of the 2013 NLCS had some life, and the Battle of the Aarons in May lasted past the first pitch … but they've got nothing on the most epic standoff the ABL has to offer.

After the national anthem at Sunday's Melbourne Aces-Brisbane Bandits matchup, the bullpens of both teams got into a standoff that lasted into the third inning. This happened despite the 80-degree Brisbane weather and, you know, the actual baseball game being played. It didn't end until Ace batter Logan Moon smacked a foul ball towards his own bullpen.

Watch it here:

The Bandits may have won the standoff, but the Aces won the game, 6-5, in 11 innings