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ALERT: Bartolo Colon swung a bat, pitched a gem along the way

ALERT: Bartolo Colon swung a bat, pitched a gem

We here at Cut4 Industries strive everyday to bring you new Bartolo Colon-related GIFs and/or products. We've even installed a new factory alarm that blares endlessly when Colon's up at the plate. And we do it all for you, humble reader. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Colon came to the plate against the Pirates' Charlie Morton in the bottom of the second with a runner on third. Would Colon, a career .091/.098/.091 hitter whose swings are those of a man with a lust for life and a penchant for action, be able to drive the run in? 

Kind of.

Bartolo Colon swing

I'm assuming it was the sheer enthusiasm in Colon's swing that distracted catcher Chris Stewart and kept him from handling the pitch. Sadly, the rulebook doesn't allow for enthusiasm-aided RBIs. 

Of course, it would be inappropriate for us to neglect that this game also featured 7 1/3 shutout innings from Colon including his 2,000th career punchout. But really, we're all here for Bartolo Colon swinging the bat. And then carrying it down to first.  

Colon swing

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