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Brewers ballboys and ballgirls reflect on their life in the trenches

Video: Aaron Oberley / Real-Time Correspondent

We're big fans of the hardworking individuals who man the foul lines. Equipped with just a helmet, glove and a little stool, these are the men and women who keep balls from littering the field and young children from going home without a souvenir. Most of the time, we don't even notice they're there, only realizing it when they make an unfortunate mistake

Bad catch

Recently, the Brewers ballboys and ballgirls discussed their careers with, peeling back the curtains of mysticism and casting light on the shadows of the industry. Kind of like Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, but, you know, about foul balls. 

While there are plenty of perks to the job, you do have to be careful. As Ryan McCauley pointed out, after a diving miss, he "spent the next day watching myself on SportsCenter on a loop all morning."