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Kris Bryant discovers teleportation (probably), plays four positions in one game

Kris Bryant played four positions in one game

Someone call NASA or Elon Musk or whichever secret scientific agency is working on warp drives, because we need someone to investigate Monday's 11-inning Royals-Cubs game. From this GIF, it's clear that Kris Bryant has found a way to travel through dimensions instantaneously:


Look, he's playing first base! Now he's in center field! Now he's in right! Finally, he's back at third! With his new powers, it looks like the Cubs can get away with a lineup that includes a pitcher, a catcher and Bryant batting seven times in a row. 

Oh, wait: NASA has returned our phone call only to tell us that Bryant's incredible across-the-field jaunt didn't actually happen all in the same inning, and he was not making throws to himself. Warp drives will have to wait. Bryant started the game at first base, moved to center after the seventh, right after the ninth and third base after the tenth inning.

"He was all over the map," Joe Maddon told's Carrie Muskat. "That's the beauty of it, when you can do things like that, and know that you have this wild card who can play anywhere. I know he loved it."

We loved it too, and now we're pretty confident that when teleporting is actually invented, Bryant will be the world's first one-man baseball team. 

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